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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Conversations LIVE! talks with Bestselling author Jewell Parker Rhodes--- Wed. Aug. 27, 2008

Conversations LIVE! talks with Bestselling author Jewell Parker Rhodes on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 12p.m. CST (1p.m. EST)

Her new vampire thriller, Yellow Moon, is causing quite a stir in literary circles with both critics and fans---even bestselling authors like E. Lynn Harris and David Morrell are applauding the sequel to 2006's Voodoo Season.

Listen LIVE to the interview at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive or join the discussion during the hour by calling 347.426.3645.

JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info

1st "Blacks & Obama" discussion: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club would like to thank those who came out to the first "Blacks and Obama" discussion that was held on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at the Pearl Public Library in Pearl, Mississippi.

You never know what the turn-out or response will be for events that touch on something so personal as to why you vote the way you do or for the individual that you do, however, everyone in attendance understood the purpose and made it a success.

Special thanks goes out to the Clarion Ledger newspaper for promoting the event as well as the ABC affilliate, 16 WAPT, for promoting it during their morning news and even coming to the event to cover it as well.

The panel discussion for "Blacks and Obama" will be held in Jackson, MS at the JACKSON ENTERPRISE CENTER (931 HWY 80W) on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 6p.m. CST.
Panelists recording artists Eddie Wright, Big Pap and Jokah the General, radio talk show host Berlinda White and Jackson Advocate Newspaper Asst. Editor Deanna Tisdale discuss Obama and what his nomination means for the country and Black America. Also joining the discussions will be community activist Valencia Robinson.

Questions to be addressed include:
* Nearly ½ of all convicted felons are Black. Should their voting rights be restored after serving time?
* Why is Obama worthy of the Black Vote?
* Is the talk of change enough to make a difference?
* Is a vote for Obama just a vote against McCain?
* In November what will impact your vote the most?

We hoped to see you there! If you have any questions, contact Cyrus A. Webb at 601.896.5616 or by email at cawebb4@juno.com.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Conversations talks with author Martha Tucker

She is one of many authors who have made the decision not to let the literary industry dictate the kind of writer she would be. With a life that embodies the arts, author Martha "Marti" Tucker walks to the beat of her own drum, and the result is her novel THE MAYOR'S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES. So what sets her apart from others that have written a book and wanted to find success? What motivates her to pursue this seriously and not just for the fame? Martha tells you that and more in this exclusive conversation.

Martha, thank you for taking out the time to talk with Conversations. For those who might not be familiar with you or your work, please give them a brief description.
My work is revealing the myriad of positive African American images that hardly anyone sees. I’m a firm believer that what we see is what we “be-come.”

So for future generations of all races, I work to reveal the more realistic image of African Americans, those Black people who are not the dealers, sex fiends, entertainers and sports figures you always see in the media. Yes, we are those things, but we’re a whole lot more.

I mentioned in my introduction that your life embodies the arts. Tell our readers where that love came from.
I believe that God created every human being for a purpose, to carry out an assignment He needed to be done. Now, no one in my family was artistic, so how did it happen? Well, God must have needed someone to bring the beauty, brilliance and resilience of African American people to the forefront. And that someone was me. So He gave me a love for the arts, groomed me to become a writer. He took a little nobody like me and taught me to know the difference between reality and appearances. I have sense enough to know there are fabulous African Americans in every arena you can think of, but we no one shows them to us, so to most they don’t exist. I wrote a female Barack Obama type before I knew he existed. I gave my character some of the same political issues he has, because it expanded the image of our people to be bigger than our image, give us hope, and a belief in “yes, I can.”

When you look at the book THE MAYOR'S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES and the impact it has had over the past few years, are you at all surprised at the response?
When it first came out, someone told me that it was a classic kind of book, very unusual, and people of all races needed to meet and know my lead character Indigo Tate—the Black woman who has the good marriage, children in boarding school, and who seemingly has it all, a significant place in our society too. She faces such grave problems because she strived so hard to “make it out.” So since no one ever talks about her, many people will love her, and many will hate her. This literary icon told me to hold on because it would take a little while for people to believe she’s real. Then look, Michelle Obama comes on the scene as proof that she exists. She’s real. She is what I call a strong Black woman. She was written long before I knew Michelle was on the scene. Truth comes out. When you are true to something, you’re never surprised, just pleased. You stay the course and let her run like a wild horse.

Of all the things that you could have done with your life and abilities, why did you decide on a book?
I didn’t decide on a book. The book decided on me. Then a writing career was more important. I wanted the same for every other writer. In my head, I had always been writing a book. But the things I did in life didn’t allow the time to write consistently. I traveled all over the world, I was a good mother, who took my role of raising raised four educated, Christian children seriously. I was so filled with ideas of growing a Camelot in the early days that I was often thought to be “uncontrollable.” Those far out ideas of conquer deprivation for poor Black people caused me lots of pain. I got into all kinds of trouble. I didn’t believe any person should be poor. Children should have insurance, mothers should be able to spend time with her children, and work should be designed for that to happen. Fathers should be a force in the home. Creativity should be a part of daily life.

Your main character, Indigo Tate is what many would call a people person, but she has her own insecurities that she has to overcome in order to move forward in her life. How much of her is in you?
I think that every writer brings a part of himself or herself to the page, and I’m no exception. I mentioned earlier that no one in my family was interested in theatre, culture, travel and the world in general. In fact, my family was one dysfunctional mess, but out of all of it, I “saw” my mother’s brilliance and fortitude. I heard her always say, “You are something special.” My insecurities came from not knowing that I had insecurities. I never accepted that I should be less than anyone else.

Your book deals a lot with the world of politics, and now we find ourselves in a political season. As someone who has lived that high-profiled life in the public eye, what surprises you the most as to what people expect from their elected officials?
No matter what comes after this season, I will always be grateful that I’m alive during it. A Black man, and a White woman are the Democratic leaders, and as much as I like Hillary, she is racially unable to do for America what Barack Obama can do. He can unite and harmonize the US. He can only do that because He is Black, and brilliant, and committed to all people in this country. With that movement, there can be healing, for past injustices, proof that America is a true Democracy, forgiveness for so many injustices, a new kind of harmonious humanity.

You know, everyone says the election was wrestled and stolen from Al Gore, and Blacks always get the same kind of excuses for keeping the heights of America from minorities, or the one the top dogs believe is, “unelectable.” The biggest surprise to me was that Black people thought Obama was unelectable. That surprised me. But as the hand of inevitability took charge and thrust the man out of obsecurity, Blacks came to the forefront in great numbers.

Martha, politics finds itself in so much of what we do today, including the literary arts. How have you gone about getting yourself noticed when the norm is for the "powers that be" to stick to what is proven and well-known in the publishing industry instead of looking to new authors?
Well, I was never worried about the “powers that be” not noticing me. I had to look within myself and see if I could do two things: 1) impact people who read my book in an entertaining and yet positive way. On that issue, I have people calling me at 3 o’clock in the morning telling me how they had to stay up until they finished my book. I didn’t plan to go and make a big splash and sputter. I wanted to build a solid fan base. Everyone who reads my book says, “You got to be on Oprah.” Well, what if Oprah doesn’t choose me, and I hope she will when I’m ready, or she’s ready. But if she doesn’t, I’ll still be Martha “Marti” Tucker, who wrote a breakthrough novel that won the prestigious Cush City “2007 Best New Author Award.” I will still be a woman who helped other writers become impactful new image writers, according their own talents and desires. I will still be…

Have you been in any way jaded by the attitude of some critics and even authors to your work when compared the steamier books that are flooding the African American market?
Well, I’m glad you asked about that, because that scenario has shaped my platform. I went into Border’s one day and ran into a young black girl. “What are teens reading these days?” I asked.
“I’m looking for Video Vixen,” she said while perusing the shelves. I was stunned. “Video Vixen? Isn’t that a bit hot for you?” I asked. “Naw. I’ve read all of ….” She cited another erotica queen’s titles.

I thought of all the teen mothers in my city, whose daughters got pregnant without the lifting of a brow. I thought of all the teen gang members lying in coffins, and young mothers screaming their heads off. I thought of all the Youth Corporate America classes where I familiarized youth with what employers and educators expected them to bring to to the interview with them. And they had none of it. That day, I formed a group of writers who portrayed African American characters who made progress in a real world society. We took those characters to the streets on a bus tour. KTLA spotted us for a day, and the entire event has caused a movement to write three-dimensional, even if flawed, AA characters, and let store owners know that we want to “see” them, so we can “be-come” them—people of noble purpose. Who wants to be those steamy people. I think it’s too much evocation for young guys and girls.

Many may not realize that you are not just the author, but responsible for the promoting of the book as well. For our many readers that are self-published and finding it daunting to wear all the hats involved, please tell them how you managed to keep it together.
First of all, you have to believe you can. Then find mentors, take little classes, experiment and do it. I created a name for myself by believing I could. I set up my days to write on my new book, Internet Market, offline market, set appointments, keep in touch with people. I find that people who are not authors are your best readers, because authors like to swap books. On the New Image Writer’s website, I give sweat equity for knowledgable authors to helping new authors market their books. Foremost, writers have to learn how to stand out in the crowd I worked it out and put it on my site—Anyone can learn to do it in four weeks. Just go to my site. www.newimagewriters.com.

Some people see reaching the Essence Bestsellers List or the Oprah Book Club as success for their book. What is success for you with your writing career, and what do you hope THE MAYOR'S WIFE accomplishes?
I’ve not yet set out to do the Essence Bestseller list, nor Oprah Club because I wanted to learn what my book was about to others. I wanted to make sure I had a worthy book. I wanted to learn the process of having a book that people talk about long after the reading is over. I wanted to know who this book would impact. At last, I’ve done that. Now, I talk to teachers, psychologists, nonprofits that reach teen mothers, I talk to rich folks that can donate to such nonprofits. I talk to churches and colleges, fraternities and book clubs. This book teaches people how harmony can change a nation. That’s what success is for my novel. Naturally, I want to be on Bestseller lists and be on Oprah, oh yes! But more so, I wanted to break down how Black people are affected by politics, so they can register to vote and make things better, and stop saying, “None of it’s going to help me.”

Thank you again for your time, Martha. If our readers want to find out more information about you and upcoming projects, where can they go?
Just go to www.newimagewriters.com, or blog.newimagewriters.com

In closing, is there anything you want to say to your fans and even those who might read the book after this interview?
Books are written to inform and entertain. In the Mayor’s Wife Wore Sapphires, you get both. It is an urban mystery/thriller sprinkled with social commentary, the kind of book that changes lives. And I’d love for you to buy it now: www.newimagewriters.com

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Missed our conversation with Bestselling author Shelia E. Lipsey? Listen here!

On Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb spoke with Bestselling author Shelia E. Lipsey*. The two discussed her beginnings as an author, the process going from self-publishing to a national publishing house, the impact of reviews and what is next in her exciting career. (See more below) She has easily become of the most celebrated authors of Christian fiction published by New York Times Bestseller Carl Weber. Shelia E. Lipsey of Memphis, TN has tasted success with her first two novels INTO EACH LIFE and SIN-SATIABLE, but her journey has not been easy. Tragedy, physical challenges and depression tried to destroy her, but she has used her faith and determination to overcome and succeed. Now as she prepares for what Conversations is calling her best work yet, My Son's Wife, we talk to her about how she has risen above it all and how you can do the same. (Click link below to listen to the interview)
Music during the show is from inspirational artists Martha Simpson (Because You Loved Me), DPB (Raining Fire) and Sean Simmonds (My Life).  JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info

* Lipsey was chosen by Conversations Book Club as its Author of the Year 2008 and will be recognized in Mississippi on Sat. October 25, 2008.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008 @ 12p.m CST--- Conversations talks with author John Saul

Monday, August 18, 2008 @ 12p.m. CST --- Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb welcomes back International Bestselling author John Saul. The author began working with Conversations in 2007 and has been scaring readers for decades with over 30 titles in print. In a exclusive one hour interview, he will talk live with the Conversations audience about his long career and his new book FACES OF FEAR that was released in August 2008.
Listen live to the interview by visiting http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive. You can join the conversations by calling in at (347) 426-3645. JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bestselling author Sherri L. Lewis talks with Conversations---Tues. Aug. 12, 2008 at 7p.m. CST

Join us for Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb* on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 7p.m. CST as we talk with Bestselling author Sheri Lewis. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive) She is the author of Dance With Destiny and the book My Soul Cries Out which was chosen as one of our "Top 20 Summer Reads of 2008".
To listen to the interview live, visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive. You will also be able to join us in the chat room and pose your questions to Ms. Lewis as well!

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy BOOKS!
* Conversations LIVE! is a division of Conversations Book Club. For more information, visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

Monday, August 11, 2008

20,000 hits and counting: Conversations Book Club says Thank You!

Hello, I am Cyrus A. Webb, President and Founder of Conversations Book
Club, and I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone
for your support.

When Conversations Book Club was formed in November 2006, it was with the
idea of bringing readers and authors together to discuss what they all
love: books! This was a goal I looked forward to because I was a lover of
books myself. At the time I was already writing book reviews and
interviewing authors for various publications so I had a ready arsenal to
start with in making the book club a success.

Since then we have hosted events in several states, formed partnerships
with organizations that now welcome authors and gives new authors the
same opportunities as more seasoned ones. Alot of work has gone into what
Conversations has done, and in the past I have been reluctant to reveal
all of the details about how Conversations has been able to accomplish
what it has. I think it is time, though, that you are given a look

The driving force behind Conversations has been me, the founder. We have
members "in spirit" because none of those who attend our events pay dues.
I am the one that arranges the schedules of authors. I am the one who
secures transportation for the authors. I am the one in most situations
that secures housing for the authors when they come to town---and I do
all of this for FREE. That's right, the authors pay nothing for this
service, nor or they asked to. There is no grant or salary given to me
for any of the things that I do with the book club. So why do I give up
so much of my time and money for something that I don't directly benefit
from? Again, I am a book lover and by connection a lover of authors who
give us great books. Since November 2006, I have given my all in order
for readers to have an opportunity to meet and greet with authors from
all over the country---and I don't regret any of it.

There are some things, however, that I do regret when it comes to dealing
with people---something that we all encounter from time to time, and that
is lack of appreciation. I have seen it come from other book clubs, even
though all of our events are open to the public, and I have seen it from
authors as well. Now, there was time when things that people say about
work I do or me personally would have shut me down; but I am here to tell
you that those days are long gone. The results of what Conversations has
done in less than 2 years can't be denied. We have hosted more authors
than any other book club (59 to date), had more conference call
discussions than any other book club, made it possible for authors that
were only known in certain circles to sit next to bestselling authors in
Wal-Mart, and we have made it clear that our organization is designed for
all: black, white, young and old. We are truly made for the people.

Days ago our main website http://www.thebesbookclub.info crossed the
20,000 hits mark and over the weekend that number continued to grow.
I have another 26 authors that I will be working with in person this
year, over double that number who will be guests on my online radio show
and 11 authors already booked for 2009.

The point? Regardless of what you hear, no matter what others say,
Conversations has made its mark and will continued to do so. The proof is
in the pudding. As for those who flaunder around us, just remember that
as in most groups the good always rises to the top. Those who were in it
for themselves will be weeded out. The readers and authors in the
literary game may change, but the game remains the same and goes on.

Again, thank you again for your continued support. This journey has been
one of experiences I will never forget---and it is only just beginning.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world. Enjoy BOOKS!
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Conversations presents a BOOK LOVERS DAY in Atlanta, GA --- Sat. August 30, 2008

Conversations Book Club, Fire Fly Publishing and The Street Life Series present "Book Lovers' Day" in Atlanta, GA. This will take place at the Country Inn & Suites (759 Pollard Blvd. SW * Atlanta, GA 30315) on Saturday, August 30, 2008 beginning at 1p.m.
Guest authors include Diane Dorice, Jean Holloway, Hotep, Supreme, The Street Life Series, Dwan Abrams, Thomas Green, Jr., Theresa Rae Butler and Electa Rome Parks!

Events include the following:
* 1-2:30p.m. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning
* 3:00p.m. --- Forum: "The Joys and Challenges of a Published Author"
* 4:00p.m. --- Forum: "Why Read My Book?" The authors make their case!

ADMISSION TO ALL SESSIONS ARE FREE, however, all authors will have books available for purchasing. For details call 404.386.0290 or 601.896.5616. You can also email us at cawebb4@juno.com or visit us online at http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

CBC Reviews "Running From Mercy" by Author Terra Little

Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce that this week's book review is "Running From Mercy" by author Terra Little.

Each week Conversations' Founder Cyrus A. Webb shares information about what he feels should be on your bookshelf. They can be found in print form every Saturday in the Clarion Ledger (Rankin Ledger insert). To read this week's review, follow this link: http://www.rankinledger.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080809/LIFE/808090303/1003

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Conversations LIVE! talks with Bestselling author Roy Glenn---Fri. Aug. 8 @ 7:30p.m CST

What a way to end the week!
Conversations LIVE! will talk exclusively to our 26th author who has appeared on our internet show since our move to Blog Talk Radio in June 2008: Bestselling author Roy Glenn! This will take place on Friday, August 8, 2008 at 7:30p.m. CST.
The man who has brought you the gripping adventures of Mike Black and contributed stories to Gigolos Get Lonely Too and the popular Around The Way Girls series will talk about his writing career and what is next for him.
To listen live to the interview, visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive and chat with us. You can also join the conversation by sending us your questions for Roy Glenn in the chat room!

Last year Conversations Book Club did an exclusive interview with Roy Glenn. If you missed it, visit this link: http://readingmylips.blogspot.com/2007/05/exclusive-conversations-magazines.html

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy BOOKS! http://www.thebestbookclub.info.