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Monday, March 19, 2007

Former Drug Dealer brings "New Hustle" to Mississippi---- Friday, March 30, 2007

K. Elliott is the new force to be reckoned with on the urban market.”
Carl Weber best selling author of Baby Momma Drama, The First Lady and She Ain’t The One

K. Elliott knows life’s about choices. He learned this the hard way. Before self-publishing his first novel Entangled, before moving 50,000 units, before becoming an Essence Magazine bestselling author, Elliott was jailed over a bad choice.
After graduating from High School, the Charlotte, N.C. native attended Central Piedmont Community College. It was 1992 and his life was full of promise. The only problem, Elliott didn’t recognize his own potential. Had he known his true value, maybe he wouldn’t have dropped out. Maybe he’d have resisted the streets and their seductive lure. But to Elliott, the idea of academics didn’t compete with fast earning potential of grinding in the streets. Not understanding he had other choices, he totally immersed him self into the drug game. He found quick success.

K. Elliott’s new hustle proved quite lucrative, placing him on the cusp of living a truly good life. At least that’s what he thought until 1993 when his house was raided by law enforcement. Now under arrest and confined to the Mecklenburg County Jail, the Charlotte native could only helplessly watch as time passed him by. The sudden uncertainties surrounding Elliott left him feeling devastated.
Yet what seemed tragic at first, ended up working to his benefit. The mundane pace of jail life actually gave Elliott a sense of solitude. Everything slowed down. There were no bills to pay, no contacts to make, no car, no home, no girl to love. Stripped away was any notion of material wealth. All that remained was time to think.

So he sized his young adult life up to that point and found it to be a waste. He recalled family members who’d been imprisoned for most of their lives because they wouldn’t stop hustling. Realizing he was following in the footsteps of convicts, Elliott finally learned.

On the outside he appeared to be the same hard-head. On the inside though, he’d had an epiphany. Although Elliott didn’t quite know how he’d make it, he finally recognized his own value. With that he decided, no matter what, he was leaving the drug game behind for good. All he had to do now was wait to see how his charges would pan out. Upon his release, Elliott took a cabinetry job and re-entered Community college with a burning desire find his place in society. He maintained an overall 3.0 G.P.A. and did especially well on writing assignments. He’d, in fact, always enjoyed writing but had never taken it seriously until one day his English professor recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue a career in that direction.

Bolstered by this encouragement, Elliott made writing his passion. He pursued class-after-class, workshop-after-workshop, honing his craft. Finally in 2001, Elliott put down the hammer and nails for good and harnessed all his training and drive into his first novel. The manuscript received offers from Triple Crown Publications and Kensington Publishing. But Elliott, now older and more experienced, had learned his lesson. Finally understanding his true value, the new author financed his own project. Forming Urban Lifestyle Press, Elliott printed 10,000 books and went back to those same streets where he once moved cocaine. But now his “powder” was entitled Entangled. With twisted plots and colorful language, Elliott quickly hooked his clientele. Sales skyrocketed, propelling his first novel to the Essence Magazine Bestseller list. Currently it’s surpassed 50,000 units in sales and continues to be a success. Additionally he’s penned his second work, Street Fame (2005), and co-authored The Ski Mask Way with famed hip-hop artist 50 Cent for G-Unit Books (2007).
Elliott’s success has sent him multiple signing offers from major publishing houses. However, he’s yet to find one to match the value he’s gains from pushing his own project.

Bestselling author K-Elliott will be making his first trip to Mississippi Friday, March 30th through Saturday, March 31st in a series of events arranged by Conversations Book Club. For all the details, visit www.thebestbookclub.info or email us at thebestbookclub@hotmail.com.

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