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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Author Jonathan Richardson Discusses the "Complicated Life of the African American Man" this week.

Friday, October 19-Sunday, October 21, 2007 --- Conversations Book Club will host author Jonathan Richardson (author of THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN). This will mark his first visit to the state---and a great deal of events to usher in the visit.

You might recall that "The Complicated Life" began our Non-Fiction book club a few months ago---and now we are talking with the man who has penned one of the most thought-provoking books that we have discussed this year.

Love it or hate it, the topic of race is something that can't be ignored, even at a time that is admittedly more progressive than 30 years ago. With that being said, race---and our feelings toward it---continues to divide people of all walks of life. Beginning October 19, 2007 residents of Hinds and Rankin County will have the opportunity to meet an author who has taken the subject and pushed it into our faces with the book THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN MAN.

Jonathan Richardson, a minister from Oregon, will be in the Magnolia State meeting residents and discussing why he felt the need to pen such a book which touches on everything from interracial dating, black-on-black crimes, Blacks in politics and even the most common of misconceptions among the community itself.

Conversations Book Club President, Cyrus A. Webb, didn't intend on the book making the list of suggested reading for 2007, but experienced a change of heart.

"I didn't want to read the book myself, let alone discuss it with others," Webb,32, related even through those in his book club. "However, after giving it some thought, I realized that I would be doing readers an injustice by just dismissing a book based on my own assumptions about its content. I have to admit that I had closed my mind to the book based on the title without having read a single word."

Once he did read the book, he knew it had to be shared.

"I contact Richardson and told him how impressed I was by the book and the way it was written. It's like a textbook on race relations---something that I wasn't expecting, but found myself able to adapt to. True, I don't agree with his beliefs on everything discussed, but it was something that I knew people would enjoy discussing."

The book was chosen to kick off the launch of Webb's "Non-Fiction Conversations" Book Club in August 2007, and now Webb is excited about meeting the author and allowing him to share his views with others.

The schedule of events is as follows:

11A.M. --- "Meet and Greet" @ Subway Restaurant (Pearl,MS) --- 601.936.4803
4P.M. --- "Teen Time" discussion at Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS) --- 601.372.1621
6P.M. --- Book discussion @ Waldenbooks Metrocenter --- 601.969.6949

10a.m. --- "Breakfast with Books" Club --- Medgar Evers Library (Jxn, MS) --- 601.982.2867
12p.m. --- "Meet & Greet" at Subway Restuarant (Pearl, MS) --- 601.936.4803
2-4P.M. --- FORUM: THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN moderated by C. A. Webb @ Richard Wright Library. ADMISSION FREE. Copies of the book will be available and refreshments will be served. --- 601.372.1621
7P.M. --- Special guest for "Spoken Word Saturdays @ Subway" in Pearl, MS --- 601.936.4803

8:30a.m. --- "INSPIRATIONAL" Breakfast (Shoneys in Pearl, MS) --- 601.939.8127
6p.m. --- "Inspirational Conversations" Book Club (Subway Pearl, MS) --- 601.936.4803

THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN MAN will be on sale for $15.00 at most events.
For details, visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info or call Robin Gardner at 601.664.8805.

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