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Get your literary word search ebook for only $5.00

Get your literary word search ebook for only $5.00
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Friday, November 23, 2007

E-Books by Mississippi author C. A. Webb now available

Treat yourself with just the perfect literary treat online: an ebook by Mississippi author C. A. Webb. For the past few years, he has been writing stories with strong characters and chilling events that will leave the reader wanting more. Any of the following can be yours for under $5.00 each! Click on the special google checkout links below to read about each selection.


Ever wondered what led up to the wife of Lot losing her life in the city of Sodom? Award-winning Mississippi author C. A. Webb explores this in his novella THE WIFE OF LOT. In it, you will meet Myra, the unnamed woman in the bible, that found out too late the danger of longing for what she should never want... Take the journey with Lot, his daughters and wife as the last day of their life in Sodom is revealed...

A CORDIAL AFFAIR (written by C. A. Webb's protege' Sabrina Andrews)

Mississippi's hottest lovers are revealed in this sensual masterpiece that can only come from Shadow Play Publications...
In this novella you will meet Blair Lancaster, a news anchor for WCAN in Canton, MS who is from the cream of the state's white upper middle class and Jake Taylor, the up-and-coming African American photographer who is poised to create his own legacy. Their routine rendezvous at the Nelson Hotel sets the stage for an erotic adventure that will leave you wanting more- and a surprise ending that will draw you forever into their spell.

A CORDIAL AFFAIR 2 (written by C. A. Webb's protege' Sabrina Andrews)

“She knew. She knew the moment he locked the door that this was a mistake. Jasmine Dupree had felt very little regret in her life, but this night was going straight up to the top of her list. Big mistake.”
These words begin what is the latest sensual tale from Mississippi’s own Sabrina Andrews. Meet Richard Towns and Jasmine Dupree, the steamy couple created by Shadow Play Publications.
He came looking for relief. She came wanting everything.


Destiny's Child tells the story of Kaleel Yant: a man who finds that he will do anything to succeed, no matter who or what gets in his way. Meet one of C. A. Webb's most passionate characters, and strap yourself in for the ride of your life.
At a young age he is a man that begins a company that has tentacles in the worlds of the arts, radio, television, print media and retail... His public life is full of secrets and unspoken hurt and desire.

People either love him, love to hate him or fail to understand him...yet it is difficult NOT to respect him...

No, we're not talking about Mississippi's C. A. Webb... Introducing Kaleel Yant: C. A. Webb's most intriguing character to date.

Through DESTINY'S CHILD, you will see the ends and outs of a man whose desire to accomplish something in his life could cost him everything.

Kaleel Yant is the no-nonsense creative born in Mississippi yet raised in Montgomery, AL that finds himself following his dreams as an artist and entrepreneur. What started out as a hobby became the keys to a livelihood that attracts local and eventually national attention.

His ambitions join him with Catha Ayers, a young woman who sees his vision and vows to help him carry out his plan to lead an artistic revolution in the South. She is attracted to his confidence and search for power, yet finds out too late exactly what he will do to end up on top.

Kaleel Yant's personal and public lives mesh and collide in a series of events that affects the lives of people in Alabama, Mississippi and soon the entire United States.

Set between Alabama and Mississippi and then branching beyond, "Destiny's Child" will leave you wondering what is real and what is imaginary in this tale that questions the various degrees of passion- and what one man will do to experience them all!

C. A. Webb is pleased to present UNFINISHED BUSINESS, BOOK ONE, introducing the world to the deLoran and Tate families.

Mississippi's deLoran family would do anyting to keep their impeccable image in society, and with Cassandra deLoran as the mistress of the powerful empire nothing would be out of the question to protect what she has helped create, even murder... So when a young servant girl seems to threaten the deLoran livelihood, the wheels are set in motion for the most sinister plot ever created...

At the age of 18, Christopher Tate realized that he had let the one woman he ever loved get away from him once, but the news of her marriage to another man forces him to Tennessee to bring closure to his feelings once and for all...

TWO SAGAS UNDER ONE COVER... and it's just the beginning!


C. A. Webb is pleased to present UNFINISHED BUSINESS, BOOK TWO... The second chapter of the deLoran and Tate Families!

The private life of Cassandra deLoran is revealed, along with the cause of her terrifying reign over the deLoran empire.

Discover the conclusion of Chris and Rebecca's search for love and happiness.

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