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Friday, November 28, 2008

Crunk Book Club and Conversations Review "Nina's Got A Secret" by Bestselling author Brian W. Smith

After thrilling readers by bringing back some of his most memorable characters in his bestselling novel FINAL FLING, author Brian W. Smith finishes 2008 with a new cast of characters in "Nina's Got A Secret."

Remaining true to his ability to tell a good story and still teach powerful lessons along the way, Smith introduces us to two unforgettable characters in Nina and Larry. They couldn't be more different but their lives converge on a path that will lead to some of the highest of highs and the most debasing of lows.

The book takes you through what Nina will do to protect the lifestyle she feels like is rightfully hers, however it goes further than that. With other characters and drama emerging to spice up the main storyline, we find that at the end of the day everyone does what they feel like is necessary to get and maintain what they want in life.

With twists and turns that are traditional from this author, this one has something for ladies and gentlemen to read and discuss. This is definitely one you will want to pass along and share with others.

Here is something that is NOT a secret: author Brian W. Smith sets the bar high with this new release, and no one can deny his talent.

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