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Friday, February 13, 2009

TAKE TEN: Our Conversation with author Donald Greco

A heartwarming story of love and acceptance, author Don Greco gave the world a literary treasure with Abramo's Gift. Here he talks about the book and what he hopes others get from his debut novel.
Donald, Happy New Years and thank you for talking with Conversations. Before we get into your novel Abramo's Gift, I want to talk about the response you have had to the book so far. Have you been surprised at the feedback from readers?
I have been pleasantly surprised both at the universal approval it has received and the insight that some readers have into its content. When one writes a story, it is very gratifying to see that some readers derive life lessons and personal comfort from it. When one is a little known writer as I am, it is nice to know that readers like what I do and are glad they took the time to read my story.

I know from your interview on Conversations LIVE! Radio that you didn't even tell many around you that you were even writing, let alone going to have a book published. How has the support of your family and freinds encouraged you to forge ahead?
It's satisfying to realize that people you have been very close to all your life enjoyed reading your story. But it was also fun to see how surprised they were upon receiving a novel in the mail from this strange person they thought they knew so well. Now most of them are impatient to read my next novel, so that sets a new goal for me.

Let's rewind a bit to the actual storyline of Abramo's Gift. I can't help but realize that there are some similarities between you and the main character Abramo Cardone. Both of you have had to deal with personal tragedy. How did the story develop for you?
It developed from a sense of longing, for the love that was lost… in my case, my wife, Angie. In that sense, Abramo Cardone also has that longing for the love that he lost. Some of the most poignant stories are those about people who are lonely and anguished yet then find grace and comfort when they least expect it. That belief was the genesis of my story.

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