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Monday, February 01, 2010

Ntl Campaign Will Raise Funds to Rebuild, Strengthen Families

Ntl Campaign Will Raise Funds to Rebuild,
Strengthen Families Affected by Natural Disasters

The International Freedom Coalition goes worldwide in its first week
during a national two-year walk to celebrate family unity.

Houston, TX – February 1, 2010 – When Houston-based nonprofit International Freedom Coalition (IFC) planned a two-year walk around America, which started on Jan. 15, no one knew it would turn into an international focus so soon.  After the Jan. 13 earthquake in Haiti, a new course set before the organization which led to the creation of the New Directions Family Fund. 

Under the New Directions Family Fund, IFC will set aside 5% of its donations to benefit families in transition after natural disasters. "While 5% of our total funding is a modest amount to start, I hope that the Coalition will be able to increase its efforts as our organization grows. Nonetheless, each small difference that our support makes
will show others that we as individuals and as a people are more powerful than we may first believe," said Sapphire Jule King, founder of IFC.

King anticipates the fund to grow exponentially as she continues on her two-year walk around America during the campaign entitled, "Walk a Week in Your Shoes."  The organization also set up an online home:  www.walkaweekinyourshoes.com. When asked about why she decided to take the two-year journey, King said "I just feel lead by my High Power to do this."

The collaborative, national campaign organized by the IFC to celebrate strong families serves as a way to bring awareness to child maltreatment by showcasing healthy families.  Additionally, the walk encourages business community support.  Contributions fund the Coalition's general operating expenses, Aware Academy, Collaborative Action Research Projects, New Directions Family Fund, and other community giving activities related to literacy, personal transformation, assisting women in transition, male leadership training, and special needs youth.

About Sapphire Jule King

Sapphire Jule King spent the last 12 years researching and applying different conventional and alternative healing methods to recover from childhood molestation and abandonment, alcoholism, a supposed bipolar disorder diagnosis, severe depression, two suicide attempts, and a general dissatisfaction with life.  She credits a reconnection with her Higher Power, embrace of her intuitive abilities, visions, and prophetic dreams as her guidance system through life.

For more information about The Freedom Coalition and/or to schedule an interview with

Sapphire Jule King, please contact Monica L. Coleman at 877-464-4932.

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