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Monday, November 29, 2010

Unique Book Reveals What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs

Unique Book Reveals What Really Happened To the Dinosaurs

Author Patricia A. Thomas' one-of-a-kind book, God Reveals a Mystery!, is receiving great acclaim in the Christian community as she answers the puzzling question about what happened to the dinosaurs, by using the Holy Bible's scriptures and these animals' correct name.

With a world-wide fascination of the dinosaurs, a cloud of mystery surrounds these intimidating creatures' demise, because their true name has been obscured over time. However, Thomas simply explains in her book that if we use these animals' correct name, which is in the Holy Bible, the answer to what happened to them will become eye-opening. Many know that the name dinosaur (dinosauria) was coined in 1842. The made-up name dinosaur means "terrible lizard" in Greek, but the Adam-given name, according to Genesis 2:20, that was given to them thousands of years ago, is serpent or dragon. Dragons are not mythical, but were instead cursed by God during the time of the Garden of Eden, according to Genesis 3:14, and we commonly call them snakes today.

With scientific theories such as asteroids, meteorites, and volcano eruptions explaining these animals' demise, the truth in her book will bring all of the lies to an end. With biblical truths that have never been written about and DNA testing that will shatter these theories, God Reveals a Mystery! is long overdue. The world will come to understand that the dragon or serpent is not extinct, but instead lives among us today and it can be scientifically proven!

To watch Thomas' video explaining the premise of the book, visit
GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY! is available at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/God-Reveals-Mystery-Patricia-Thomas/dp/0595402216) and other online retailers.
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