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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Conversations" Brand Forges Ahead with new partnership with "Books2Mention Magazine"

From its formation in 2004, the CONVERSATIONS brand has grown from its original design. When C. A. Webb first introduced "Conversations with C. A. Webb", it was through a radio talk show with movers and shakers in the worlds of the arts, business and entertainment. Then it progressed into a bi-monthly televison program, where the original format remained in tact but a larger audience was reached.

When CONVERSATIONS morphed again in early 2006, it was through the formation of the monthly magazine available both in print and online that guaranteed to cement its place as a treasure of information for those who loved the arts.

Now C. A. Webb is ready to heat things up again by introducing his partnership with Patricia D. Woods of Books2Mention Magazine, thus forming "Conversations @ Books2Mention Magazine."
"Books2Mention Magazine has been regarded as the place to go to find out about all of those making moves through books, regardless of what race or genre," Webb relates. "I am honored to have the opportunity to lend the voice of authors I have come in contact with to the B2M brand, thus giving us both a new audience of readers."

Patricia D. Woods is one of the founders and Editor-in-Chief of Books2Mention Magazine. Patricia resides in Georgia and has been in the marketing field for the past ten years. As a Marketing Director for a promising new author she was afforded the privilege to meet several best-selling and up-in-coming authors. During these meetings conversations frequently entered into discussions about the need for a venue that would focus on a diverse group of well known and unknown writers. Providing one setting informing the masses of readers with knowledge about what is now available in literature. Hence, our collaboration of forming a company that would inform, enlighten, empower readers and at the same time be entertaining.
The concept for Books2Mention Magazine was developed in 2005 and the launch of Books2Mention.com took place January 1, 2006. B2M has sparked a diverse group of readers that understand and appreciate our literary mission. It is the source for literary minds. The partnership with CONVERSATIONS and BOOKS2MENTION MAGAZINE officially began in July 2006, however it has been revamped as part of Webb's committment to literacy in 2007.

Visit www.books2mention.com for details and look for the link on the main page of CONVERSATIONS magazine online or click here.

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