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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conversations presents Boris and Kendra from I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY!

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Did you miss our exclusive interview with "I Want To Work For Diddy" contestants Boris and Kendra together for their first interview together since their surprise double elimination? Listen to is here!
Watchers of the VH1 hit show "I Want To Work For Diddy" took a double-take on this week's episode when candidates Boris "Can Do" Kuperman and Kendra Haffoney  (http://www.famousvh1friends.com) were both told they "weren't ready to work for Diddy." Their elimination ended what has been a contentious relationship between the two that included verbal and physical jabs. The online community has been having a field day with the drama the two created, but what really happened between the two of them and where do things stand now? Conversations LIVE! gets the first-ever interview with the two of them together since the show began to air, and they were eliminated. What did they have to say about their portrayal and their final moments on the show? Find out in this exclusive interview.
Click on the player or the link below to listen to the Boris and Kendra from I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY talk LIVE! show

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