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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Conversations presents Sept. interviews on Books2Mention Magazine

Conversations Book Club in connection with Books2Mention Magazine online is pleased to present the featured authors for the month of September 2008. Due to our continued commitment to the writing craft, we offer a diverse series of written and audio interviews with the authors that are causing a stir on the literary scene at the time.
You can find the concise listing of this month's featured authors by visiting this link: http://www.books2mention.com/conversations___b2m4 or you can read and visit the links below.
Dante Moore
When the title for first-time author Dante Moore's book was released to the public, there was an immediate response---and not all positive. THE RE-EDUCATION OF THE FEMALE is Moore's handbook to women to show where they have gone wrong when approaching relationships with men, and even dealing with each other. Agree with him or not, his opinions are clearly expressed, and in this interview he defends them all.
Abiola Abrams
She is the true definition of a creative individual. Abiola Abrams to many is seen to be living 'The Life': bestselling author of the book DARE, a host on BET J and now on a part of The Divas of Literature bok tour. But there is more to her than meets the eye. Always looking for ways to help others become inspired, the journey she has set out on is not all glitz and glamour, yet she brings her best to every situation as this interview shows.
Doug M. Cummings
Mystery readers who are looking for an author that stays true to the genre and entertains along the way will welcome author Doug M. Cummings. His book EVERY SECRET CRIME will taunt you from page one and you won't be able to resist it. But what led this former law enforcement officer into writing about crimes that he sometimes found himself involved in? Hear the answer in his own words here.
Valerie Wilson Wesley
Bestselling author Valerie Wilson Wesley grew up an army brat who moved around to different places. Now she is a celebrated novelist who has been featured all over the country and beyond through the stories that she weaves together. No matter what she has done in her life, she has always been a lover of words and it shows in her newest bok OF BLOOD AND SORROW that Conversations read this year, a book that is party of the Tamara Hayle mystery series. So who is this woman that has enthralled readers with her universal characters? She gives you a clear glimpse in this exclusive interview.
Sam Love
Author Sam Love came to the attention of Conversations in early 2008 and has kept our attention every since. The 61 year old native of Aliceville, Alabama has taken his love of the 60s and brought readers an enjoyable, unforgettable tale in the book ELECTRIC HONEY. Though written years ago, the message and social issues it addresses are beneficial for every generation as you will see in this interview.
Harrine Freeman
She was $19,000 in debt making only $21,000 a year at the time---and refused to file for bankruptcy. So how did Harrine Freeman clear up all of her debt in less than four years and now run a credit counseling organization that has helped thousands across the country? Find out as we discuss her story as well as her book HOW TO GET OUT OF DEBT that was recently featured in ESSENCE MAGAZINE and BLACK ENTERPRISE. Freeman opens up about her struggle with debt and how you can follow her path to success in this interview.
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