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Get your literary word search ebook for only $5.00
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

C. A. Webb Launches "Conversations LIVE!"--- Friday, September 14, 2007

The fourth season of C. A. Webb's weekly arts and entertainment talk show debuts Friday, September 14, 2007 with a new name, a new format---and a new approach to reaching its audience.

What was "Conversations with C. A. Webb" since 2003 is now "Conversations LIVE", a weekly one-hour internet radio program geared towards spreading the good news about reading with the world's bestselling authors. Webb is still the host of the weekly program, however, he explains the new format and show this way:

"I wanted to reach a totally different market this season. With an internet-based show, I can reach millions each week. No longer will I be constrained by a studio's guidelines and regulations. From now on I am calling all the shots...and it feels good."

"Conversations LIVE" is taped live at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, MS with Webb moderating the first half of the discussion with the guest and then during the last portion of the program the group attending the taping can ask their own questions. Webb is the Executive Producer of the program, and the new Asst. Producer and Engineer is Eddie Bennett of Causin' Drama Entertainment of Jackson, MS.

Underwriter spots for each weekly show are reasonably priced. One mention (which includes the advertiser's name, business, contact information and slogan or message) is only $20 per show. Two mentions each show are only $35, and 4 mentions during the hour show are only $50.00. Individuals who advertise four times during four consecutive weeks on the program can do so for only $100.00! This gives you 16 mentions during the four weeks.

The first show which debuts Friday, September 14, 2007 is with Bestselling author Andrew Neiderman, author of the book THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE and the new thriller UNHOLY BIRTH. Neiderman is also the ghostwriter behind the V. C. Andrews franchise. (Underwriters for this program include authors Doug Dixon doug1911@aol.com , Daphine Glenn Robinson www.daphinerobinson.com, Stefanie Worth www.stefanieworth.com, C-Murder www.deatharoundthecorner.com, John Saul www.johnsaul.com and Craig Alexander www.craigalexanderonline.com.)

Online members of the Conversations Yahoo group will be able to download each show each week from there. Each episode will also be available on cd for only $5.00 and includes liner notes about the guest, who advertised during the program and contact information. To join the online book club click here.

For more information you can click here,contact Robin Gardner @ 601.664.8805 or Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.

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