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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Get "In The Know" about Conversations Book Club's newest guest: author Teresa Rae Butler

On Friday, June 15th, Conversations Book Club will welcome its latest guest: author Teresa Rae Butler (Click here for the full schedule of events)!

Make plans to join us for a weekend of good conversation, good book discussions and great company! Butler is the author of DON'T EVEN TRIP and GOD, I RESPECT YA GANGSTA. Not familiar with them? Here is some information to prepare you for the visit:

Coraz Sade Singleton has had it with Black men! She has watched and lived
the cold realities of how society had Black men thinking and acting, from
birth to manhood in her town. In her opinion, the City of Milwaukee had
turned out some bad seeds, and her students were facing self-execution.
The jails and funeral homes were abundantly rising, and the educational
system was corrupt. Realizing that she couldn't raise someone who was already
grown, she put her energy into the troubled youth. They needed her more
than ever. While leading the minority to the right path, Coraz has
constantly been confronted by having chosen the wrong one. During her
whole adult life she had desperately tried to make a family life with a
dependable man, which is a dying breed, but all that men have proven to
her is that the statistics are right.
The bro-thas in her town are all screwed up, mainly because Milwaukee WI
was one of the deadliest cities for minorities in America. She heard some
say that it was one of the most prejudiced.

Single, in the city at age thirty-two, and all of her three kids had
different fathers, all crass, abusive, and Black. Needing to try a new
approach in her search for successful white skin, she's sidetracked by a
twenty-six-year-old college 'Bro-tha' with the same-old agenda.

She suspects that he's really a thug in disguise, and during her fight
for the welfare of her students and a fair education for all, she finds that
Mill is trying to bend her heart with his intellect, charm, and old-soul
mannerisms that are fairytales in Milwaukee.

Will Coraz continues to blow Mill off, or will Mill blow her away,
literally? This book is followed by a sequel called, God I Respect Ya
Gangsta, in which Coraz confesses all of the tragic details of her life
as the character, "Rainia". Having developed a lottery for the poor, she has
a deep wish for the future of young, colored people everywhere. Don't even
trip to walk through the pages of the first novel detailing the
interesting life of Coraz Singleton, who may one day be worthy.

What if "O" suddenly gave every poor person in the impoverished streets
of America a chance to be rich? In, GOD, I RESPECT YA GANGSTA by Teresa Rae
Butler, winning participants of this story must prove low-income status
to claim winnings. Rainy Dae Harris picks up where dead Coraz, a.k.a. Rainia
Harris has left off by organizing a lottery for the poor with famous,
talk-show host, Ophelia Windsor, 'Baddest in the Windy.' They are only
giving the money to the unfortunate, meaning anyone can buy a ticket
however you must be poor to win. Miss Harris helps fix individual's
credit and educational problems alongside their winnings with an assisting
program, RE-RAISE 4 PRAISE. It is a story within a story that goes even
deeper as to why and how many people suffer in the struggle. Join Billy
Jacksin, the pimp; Ms. Jack, the cross dresser; O.B., the drug dealer;
Anmarie, Coraz's mother who used to be just the white stripper with
three,mixed kids for an extreme adventure. You as a reader will find ghosts,
the State Street suicide, murder, tremendous wealth and poverty, all of the
spirits that take them on this journey of death for a glimpse of eye
opening revelations about God, world love, forgiveness and more that are
sure to make you laugh until you cry, cry until your eyes swell, get so
upset and finally walk away from the novels feeling POWERFUL! There are
also over twenty illustrations that help to bring this fierce title to
life. If the belief in GOD does not grab you from the beginning, then HIS
unbelievable ending will!

For additional information, visit Teresa Butler's website by clicking here.

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