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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Conversations Reviews Tru Publishing's GROWN & GANGSTA by Jacki-O


The franchise that has been created by the hiphop entrepreneur Corey "C-Murder" Miller can be seen in his newest endeavor TRU Publishing (http://www.trupublishing.com). The company which specializes in urban fiction, is a division of the ever-growing TRU family and promises to make a mark that will change the way books are marketed and produced in the future.

TRU is pleased to announced that the first release of their publishing entity is GROWN & GANGSTA by Miami, Florida rapper Jacki-O

Below you will find a review written by Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb.

Jacki-O's GROWN & GANGSTA has everything you would expect from C-Murder's TRU Publishing: strong alliances, strong sex scenes, major players---both men and women---and lessons that people of all backgrounds can easily relate to.  GROWN & GANGSTA is the story of friendship---REAL friendship---that endures the hurt, highs and lows and success and proves itself time and again. 

The characters dance along the pages in perfect harmony, each lending credence and strength to one another while standing on their own as individuals. All of us will see ourselves or someone we know in one or more of the 6 main characters that we're introduced to, whether we like what we see or not.
Inch is by far one of the strongest of the forces in the book. You find yourself liking his swagger, respecting his confidence and accepting his carelessness as just part of the life he has created for himself. There is a sense of invincibility about Inch that you can't help but take notice of, however, it will take more than a bulletproof vest to protect him from what is coming his way.
Tatiana is just one of many women that have shared Inch's world and his bed. She loves what he represents but believes he will never give her the "real life" that she wants for herself. In Devon she sees the missing piece of the puzzle, but there is no way to be complete without the man who seems to be the only one to make her feel whole.
Monique is the kind of woman that every man wants. She takes care of her business and respects that of her man, Iz. When the chips are down she proves that you can have it all: the money, the career and the love of a man---even if bars and jailtime may separate you.
Iz knows what he wants out of life and goes after it. This has gotten him far in life; but when it is time to reap what he has sown Iz takes the lemons he has been given and makes the lemonade that will keep him and his relationship alive.  
Malcolm is the guy who had something to prove. Once made fun of in school, he was not a respected broker on Wall Street that wanted nothing to do with the ghetto he came from---but was tied to it by the friendships that he wouldn't get away from. Always wanting to prove he could run with the big boys on any streets, he uses his influence in business to bring about a big payday in the underworld. It's not until his best laid plans go astray that he realize that you can't have always have your cake and eat it too.
Quentin is a man that lives a life many long to have: the money, the women, the power. He has managed to create a legitimate business for himself and earn respect, but not from the woman who is the mother of his twin girls. When his back is pushed against the wall with her veiled threats, he pushes back hard in a move that shows who is really the boss. 
GROWN & GANGSTA is for the grown and sexy and reeks of sophisticated fiction that normally takes years to develop. TRU Publishing knocks this one out of the park with its debut release and Jacki-O maintains her sexy, street-cred persona with a novel that people will be talking about long after its closed shut.
GROWN & GANGSTA officially hits bookstores Friday, February 15, 2008, but you can beat the rush and get your copy NOW through Amazon.com or http://www.trupublishing.com

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