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Get your literary word search ebook for only $5.00
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tru Publishing & Conversations hosts Rapper/Author Jacki-O

Nothing is music to the ears of urban/street literature readers more than this announcement: Recording artist/Author Jacki-O will hosted by Tru Publishing and Conversations Book Club in events scheduled March 4-9, 2008! In what has been dubbed the "Grown & Gangsta Book Tour", Jacki-O will be involved in book discussions and meet and greets in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

3-5p.m. --- Meet & Greet/Booksigning @ Margaret Walker Alexander (Jackson, MS) --- FREE
--- Meet & Greet/Booksigning @ Comfort Inn & Suites in North Jackson (MS) --- FREE
1-3P.M. --- Meet & Greet/Booksigning @ Northside Library (Jackson, MS) --- FREE
4-5p.m. --- Book discussion @ Pearl Public Library (Pearl, MS) --- FREE
6-7:30p.m. --- "Passion 4 Fashion Show" @ Pearl Public Library (Pearl, MS), featuring original designs by Gail Ambeau and Leon Collier (Krooked Ledda.) --- FREE
8:30p.m.--- "Grown & Gangsta" party @ Style & Class (Pickens, MS)--- $5 admission ($25 VIP includes 2 drinks and appetizers)

1-3p.m. --- Meet & Greet/ Book Signing @ Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS) --- FREE
5:30-7p.m. --- "Passion 4 Fashion Show" @ Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS), featuring original designs by Gail Ambeau and Leon Collier (Krooked Ledda) LIVE PERFORMANCES by Mississippi's own Jack Squad, Great Britt and D. J. Downsouth --- FREE
8:30-10P.M. --- Meet & Greet/Book Signing @ Subway Restaurant (Pearl, MS) --- FREE

Events in New Orleans,LA ---TBA

1-3p.m. --- Meet & Greet/Booksigning in Memphis, TN--- TBA
8:30p.m. --- "Grown & Sexy" Meet & Greet @ Comfort Inn & Suites (Pearl, MS)--- FREE

2-4p.m. ---Meet & Greet/Booksigning @ Quality Inn & Suites (2705 E. South Blvd. * Montgomery, AL) --- FREE

Tru Publishing, created by hiphop entrepreneuer Corey "C-Murder" Miller, specializes in urban fiction and promises to change the way that books are marketed and produced in the future. Tru is pleased to announce that its first relesae is GROWN & GANGSTA by Miami, Florida rapper Jacki-O.

Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb describes the book this way: "Jacki-O's GROWN & GANGSTA has everything you would expect from C-Murder's TRU Publishing: strong alliances, power couples & lessons that people of all backgrounds can easily relate to.GROWN & GANGSTA is the story of friendship---REAL friendship---that endures the hurt, highs and lows and success and proves itself time and again.

"The characters dance along the pages in perfect harmony, each lending credence and strength to one another while standing on their own as individuals. All of us will see ourselves or someone we know in one or more of the 6 main characters that we're introduced to, whether we like what we see or not.

"GROWN & GANGSTA is for the grown and sexy and reeks of sophisticated fiction that normally takes years to develop. TRU Publishing knocks this one out of the park with its debut release and Jacki-O maintains her sexy, street-cred persona with a novel that people will be talking about long after its closed shut."

During the above events, the book will be available for 30% off the retail price---making it only $10.00! GROWN & GANGSTA is available worldwide through Amazon.com or http://www.trupublishing.com. For more information about the "Grown & Gangsta Book Tour" visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

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