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Monday, March 03, 2008

Conversations Announces March '08 features @ RAWSISTAZ.com

Conversations Book Club & http://www.RAWSISTAZ.COM are pleased to announce their    March 2008 features, in recognition of Women's History Month.

"Conversations with C. A. Webb" (http://www.rawsistaz.com/BMR-Conversations.htm) is now a syndicated feature on the http://www.RAWSISTAZ.com websites. It will continue the Conversations Book Club President's mission of introducing readers to authors---but will also give you a rare glimpse into the authors that are being featured.

This month we are paying homage to five women who are chaning the face of the way we read and discuss books: Bestselling authors Brenda L. Thomas, Deatri King-Bey, L. A. Banks, Maria Dowd and Kensington Books Creative Director Kristine Mills Noble.

RAWSISTAZ (Reading and Writing Sistaz) is recognized worldwide for being committed to spreading quality reading among the African-American community. Conversations Book Club has transcended race and gender to form a formidable alliance with some of the biggest names in the industry. Together they will revolutionize the way you read---introducing you to authors you thought you knew and giving you the names of those who should be on your reading list!

Congrats to the powerful women who are featured in the debut of this alliance. In April 2008, we will recognize five influential men who show that blacks not only read by write as well! Who are they? STAY TUNED and find out!

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