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Get your literary word search ebook for only $5.00
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Conversations & TRU Proudly Announce Hiphop Literacy Tour

Conversations Book Club Founder Cyrus A. Webb and TRU Publishing President Corey "C-Murder" Miller are pleased to announce another historic event that will bring the worlds of hiphop and literature together: Introducing The "Hiphop & Books Tour" (http://www.hiphopandbooks.com)!
(Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb & TRU Publishing Founder C-Murder seen seated here.)
"Once I announced (last week) that I would be hosting a "Hiphop & Books" Youth Rally in Mississippi, it became clear from the response that this was something that would have to be duplicated throughout the country," Webb said in a state on his website http://www.thebestbookclub.info. "We have to come to grips with the truth: our world is in trouble, and the more we try to ignore the warning signs when it comes to the apathy towards reading the more we are just burying our heads in the sand."
In the past there have been hiphop recording artists that have written books, but there has never been a nationwide assault on the problem of literacy among lovers of the hiphop community. That is where the "Hiphop & Books" Tour comes in.
This is how the tour will work:
Beginning Saturday, April 26, 2008 Webb will introduce the tour in Jackson, MS with his recording artists Trill and G-Money as participants in the event. The three of them and another representative of the book club will then begin traveling the country duplicating the same type of events. At each stop Trill & G-Money will perform as well as TWO recording artists from the area in which they are visiting. Webb will also invite authors from that area to participate in the event, telling the public about their literary projects. In each city, Conversations & TRU will be donating a total of $500 of BRAND NEW BOOKS to an organization that can use them to encourage reading. This could be a library, Boys & Girls Club or other non-profit organization.
*     Sponsors/Supporters for the "Hiphop & Books" Tour are Shadow Play Entertainment, For The People Productions, Yo!Raps.com, The Hype Magazine, http://www.weneedtostop.com, The Hip-Hop Chronicle, C-Rich & The Independent Nation, C. O. D. Records and Off Da Chain Entertainment.
Dates are being added quickly. If you are interested in being a sponsor or hosting a "Hiphop & Books" event in your city, feel free to contact Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com or 601.896.5616.
For complete details, you are asked to visit this link: http://hiphoploversread.webs.com/hiphopbooksrallies.htm.

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