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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Author Kia Stokes' novel is now UNBOUND in the world

On Tuesday, October 7, 2008 Mississippi author Kia Stokes took a bold step and released her debut novel UNBOUND into the world. The official release took place at the Pearl Public Library at an event hosted by Conversations Book Club.

"I'm proud of this project," Stokes said to the book lovers, family and friends that were there for the event. "This book is for anyone who has ever been entangled in any situation that they thought was hopeless. Unbound lets you know that their is always a way out when you look outside yourself."

The author is quick to tell readers that this is not a book to be labeled as just another 'Church tale'. "My characters are like you and me," she says. "They are ordinary people who have their struggles while at the same time trying to be true to their faith."

Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Book Club President, agrees with Stokes. "There are so many issues that she addresses in this book that there is truly something for everyone. Conversations is pleased to see someone tackle themes so intense in their literary debut." Webb plans to incorporate the issues with his various groups. He also chose the book as one of its "Readers Choice Selections", his organizations' logo displayed prominently on the cover of each book "I put my stamp of approval on this one," he says. "Readers of all walks of life will not be disappointed with this one."

Others seem to agree with Webb's assessment. Popular radio station 95.5 Hallelujah FM in Mississippi also chose UNBOUND as their "Book of the Month" for their book club for the month of October 2008.

With events planned throughout the rest of 2008 and new opportunties opening up literally everyday, Webb believes that the skies are the limits for Kia Stokes' talent.

For more information about Kia Stokes and her book UNBOUND, visit http://www.kiastokes.com.

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