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Saturday, October 18, 2008

CBC EXTRA: "Know Your Author" Matching Game

Know Your Authors: Match the facts with the Bestsellers


1.              Lee Hayes

2.              Angel M. Hunter

3.              Dwayne S. Joseph

4.              Francis Ray

5.              Steven Barnes

6.              Candice Dow

7.              Kevin M. Weeks

8.              Maria Dowd

9.              Tracy L. Bell

10.        Thomas Long

11.        Recha Peay

12.        Roy Glenn




___ Suffered with a nerve disorder in his youth.

___ Made history with her books becoming movies on BET.

___ Won the Younity Guild Award for his street novel.

___ Literary Debut tackles a Christian's attitude about relationships.

___ Set hair on fire while reading in her youth.

___ Their novel has become a movie set in Baltimore, Maryland.

___ Nonfiction compilation of essays and poetry looking into the soul.

___ Wrote a groundbreaking novel about domestic violence.

___ Main character was raped in her own home.

___ His street sagas include the 2007 release OUTLAW

___ Had characters dating each other, eventually discovering they were related.

___ Only black author to write a novel for the Star Wars franchise.





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