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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conversations Presents Its "Top 25 Musical Supporters of 2008"

Conversations Book Club welcomed several recording artists into its fold during 2008 to aid with its "Hiphop and Books" Literacy Campaign. "Hiphop and Books" was created to use recording artists in encouraging music fans not to forget the importance of reading and staying in school. Here we recognize our "Top 25 Musical Supporters of 2008". (Arranged in no particular order)
  1. C-Murder
  2. Sean Simmonds
  3. Omega Red
  4. Mika Means and the ladies of The Girls Club
  5. Donna Summers
  6. The Patrick Smith Band
  7. Big G
  8. Jacki-O
  9. Ondrea Nicole
  10. Jack Squad
  11. C. O. D. All-Stars
  12. Playa Connected
  13. Status Quo
  14. Josh Gates
  15. Jon Boy
  16. Dj Down South
  17. The Dream Team Stars
  18. C. James
  19. Babs Bunny
  20. Mike Jones
  21. Eddie Wright
  22. Duane Scott
  23. Kidd Russell
  24. Shawdy Jizzle
  25. K. Lipsey
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