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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Conversations teams up with NY Times Bestselling author J. L King for LOVE OVERBOARD TOUR

JL King, Author of the New York Times bestseller, “On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of 'Straight' Black Men” and recent debut novel, Love on a Two-Way Street, has partnered with Conversations Book Club to launch a public awareness campaign – The Love Overboard Tour - with a mission to increase the field of minority writers, particularly African American authors. The goal of this campaign is to link authors with target audiences through a traveling book tour to areas that are often underserved and have inadequate communications outlets.

“My passion has always been to encourage [Black] writers to tell their story and write regardless of the subject matter or public opinion,” says JL King. “I want to touch my supporters and share knowledge on how to become a successful published author.”

Since its inception Conversation Book Club has created innovative ways to connect those who might not be prone to reading. Through the Ballin’ with Books and Hip-Hop and Books campaigns, the Club has been able to bring together national authors and recording artists with audiences to promote reading and writing.

“We are excited to join with JL in expanding the realm of writers, readers and, bring attention to disparities that impact our communities,” says Cyrus Webb, CEO, Conversations Book Club. “JL’s enthusiasm on empowering women through HIV/AIDS prevention, open and frank conversation on health and wellness is amazing.”

The Love Overboard Tour will focus on healing the Black Community through candid dialogue and forums where people can express their feelings, learn and make changes in their lives. The highlight of the Tour is the preview of King’s sequel DVD, The Top 10 Signs of ‘Down Low’ Behavior and More…

About JL King, LLC
JL King, LLC is the holding agency for JL King products and services, the firm is committed to author development, strategic marketing and, media, entertainment and communications planning. The mission of JL King, LLC is to support the campaign to repent, refocus and redefine the [Black] family through honest and open dialogues. For more information on JL King, LLC visit www.jlking.net .

About The Top 10 Signs of ‘Down Low’ Behavior and More… DVD
The Top 10 Signs of ‘Down Low’ Behavior and More…DVD is a sixty-minute, intense film presented by JL King and produced by Urban Moon Publishing, that reveals 10 signs which supports the campaign to repent, refocus and redefine the family through honest and open dialogues. It tackles the hard to answer questions that women may have on intimate attractions, affairs, HIV/AIDS and personal reservations about the opposite sex. The DVD moderated by New York Times Bestselling Author JL King and a cast of actors, urges women to remain fearless, be cautious, relentless and hopeful. The Top 10 Signs of ‘Down Low’ Behavior and More…DVD is a “must have” for women, and men. “As a father [to a daughter and two sons], friend and uncle, I want to continue to be a role model to women who don’t otherwise have a male companion who’ll be candid, open and frank about men, and our sexual desires,” says King. The mission of this DVD is to continue to create a movement of awareness on health, wellness and behaviors that impact the sexes. If women don’t know how to ask the questions, this DVD will ask the questions for them. For more information on the DVD, products and services visit www.jlking.net or call (866) 205-9228.

About Conversations Book Club
Created by award-winning Spoken Word Artist/Radio and Television Show Host Cyrus A. Webb in November 2006, Conversations Book Club is a multi-faceted literary campaign that has been nationally recognized for its commitment to connecting the right book with those who will benefit from it the most. The Club has had "conversations" with more than 100 authors via teleconferences and has hosted over 50 authors during live events with its chapters in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. There are over 10 chapters of “Conversations”, ranging from the following literary genres: nonfiction, inspirational, teen, urban and more. Through its online chapters it reaches book lovers on a national level and has partnered with some of the biggest publishing houses in the business such as Random House and, Simon and Schuster. For more information visit: www.thebestbookclub.info.

Media Contact:
Shed Jackson, Media Relations
JL King, LLC/Urban Moon Publishing

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