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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blog Talk Radio show guests--- June 2008-September 2008

JUNE 2008
Author Terrance Dean (author of HIDING IN HIPHOP)
JULY 2008
Author Monica Carter Tagore (Sacrifice The One and Zoom Power)
Authors Diane Dorce (Devil in the Mist), Jean Holloway (Ace of Hearts) and Supreme Understanding (How To Hustle and Win)
Author Bobby Blake (My Life in Porn)
Author Dante Moore (The Re-Education of the Female)
Author Jiwe (The War of the Bloods in my Veins)
Artist K. Lipsey and Radio Show host/poet Berlinda White (Heaven in the Ghetto)
Author/Poets Yolanda Merz (The Words I Speak) and Annette Hoggs-Jackson (Poems from the Heart)
Authors Renee Daniel Flagler (Mountain High, Valley Low) , Dwan Abrams (Divorcing the Devil) and Assaunta Collins
Forum "WHAT'S IN A WORD: Double Standards in America?" (Special guests radio show host Berlinda White, author Dwan Abrams and DJ Vic)
Author Theresa Gonsalves (Obsessions and The Man in the Woods)
Authors Brian W. Smith (The Final Fling) and V. L. Green (When Destinies Meet)
Authors Electa Rome Parks (Ladies Night Out) and Sam Love (Electric Honey)
Authors J. L. King (Love on a Two-Way Street) and Erin Gruwell (Teach With Your Heart)
August 2008
Author Abiola Abrams (Dare)
Author Doug M. Cummings (Every Secret Crime)
Author Peter Gebshian (Journey To Love)
Author Roy Glenn (In A Cold Sweat)
Author Sherri L. Lewis (Dance Into Destiny)
Author Harrine Freeman ( How To Get Out Debt)
Author John Saul (Faces of Fear)
Author P. Elaine Archie (Gettin' Caught up Wit Nina)
Authors August Gold & Joel Fotinos (The Prayer Chest)
Author Shelia E. Lipsey (My Son's Wife)
Author Thomas Kohnstamm (Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?)
Author Latrese Carter (Revelations)
Sumit (Hiphop Chronicle)
Recha Peay (Illusions of Love) and Peron Long (Pulpit Confessions)
Jewell Parker Rhodes (Yellow Moon)
September 2008
Gretchen Craig (Always and Forever) and Dana Pittman of Nia Promotions
Ashea Goldson (The Lovechild)

Treasure Blue (Keyshia and Clyde)
Joseph Henderson (I Don't Want to Die All Alone)
Frances Cole Jones (How To Wow)
Big G
Gloria Mallette, Margaret Johnson-Hodge and Bernice McFadden
Nikkea Smithers
Zane Bell (How Money Works)
Jane Jordan (Playin' Church)
Poprah (I Want To Work for Diddy)
Kendra  (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Andrew Long (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Rob Smith (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Authors D. T. Pollard, Alretha Thomas, Arlether Wilson and Rodney Lofton ("The Business of Books")
Laverne Cox (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Stefanie Sitzer (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Georgette Cardenas (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Author Stephanie L. Jones (The Enemy Between My Legs)
Boris and Kendra together (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Kia Stokes (Unbound)
Deon Sams (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Michael Erard (Um)
Reshonda Tate Billingsley (Can I Get A Witness?)
Suzanne Siegel (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Mic Barber (I Want To Work For Diddy)
Brianna Davis (I Want To Work For Diddy)

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